There is no better time to hear our March speaker, the fabulous, lovely, smart, amazing Susan Shelley, than after the all-important March 3 primary election.  We are indeed fortunate that this nationally recognized Republican columnist and journalist lives in Woodland Hills and is generous with her time!  Susan has a vast following of her syndicated columns in the Los Angeles Daily News, the Orange County Register and other well-known publications.  Her well-researched and insightful topics range from California’s high-speed rail fiasco, California’s water mismanagement, Los Angeles city politics, election processes and systems, through the homeless “industry” in California, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We can’t wait to hear her analyses of March 3rd results: did the new voting system foisted on us citizens function as designed?  Where were the election’s surprises? Did ballot harvesting repeat its devastating effect against Republicans? Is democracy continuing to crash in California, or are there signs of a resurgence?  Are there signs we Republicans can win back the House?

Join us at the Woodland Hills Country Club on March 12.  Susan is our morning speaker, and late-comers will miss out.  We are also scheduling  a 2nd speaker after lunch, digging in again on the election, but from an insider’s perspective.   Wow! Another great WHRWF meeting coming up, so bring a friend.  We need new members to strengthen our club, and they need us for political solace and political answers!   


In addition, Jon Matthews is the Regional Coordinator for Election Integrity Project, California Inc. (EIPCa), LA County Gateway Cities Region.  He also currently serves as Secretary of the Orange County Eagle Forum and will head the new LA Chapter of the Eagle Forum starting later this year.  Jon also chairs the Conservative Party California, an affiliate of the Conservative Party USA.

Jon previously produced and hosted "The Conservative Syndicate" a conservative talk show which aired from 2007 until 2017,  streaming live in 123 countries over 9 affiliates with close to 3 million listeners a month.

Jon will speak on the new Voter's Choice Act, its purpose and ramifications on the integrity of our election process as well as how you can protect the integrity of your ballot.


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