Daniel J. Piedra, J. D. is our honored speaker for October. He is one of the unsung heroes of conservative legal resources protecting our civil rights. Mr. Piedra directed the Project for Constitutional Rights in Education which successfully challenged the radical Islamic indoctrination and propaganda infiltrating the San Diego School system. Yes, the notorious CAIR, standing for Council on AmericanIslamic Relations, insinuated that there were hordes of MAGA hat-wearing students prowling the schools and terrorizing Muslim students, and therefore the school district had to institute a policy of anti-Islamophobia. The reality was the reverse: Muslim students were protected from accountability for civil rights violations against students of other religions and students in general. The school district succumbed to CAIR’s intimidation and lawsuit threats, and ultimately collaborated with CAIR. Enter lawsuits by Parents, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the Shillman Foundation and the Freedom of Conscious Defense Fund. Our speaker directed the subsequent legal actions which resulted in the school permanently dropping the CAIR program and CAIR unable to spread propaganda in San Diego schools. Amen for our United States Constitution and leaders such as Daniel Piedra, who will tell us the full story. Piedra will speak in the afternoon. (see Bio insert Page 3 under Programs in News and Views)

In the morning, you will meet a candidate running for Mayor of Pasadena. If this man wins – and he has the national support to do so – politics just might turn upside down in Los Angeles County. Please join us and meet the impressive Mr. Major Williams.

We are also sharing a powerful video message from the Governor of Kentucky, Mr. Matt Bevin. His message will stir you as few political messages do. In all, we have a program to educate, enlighten and inspire you. Please join us.


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